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A princess of courage and kindness, one day after cleaning the house Cinderella discovers the kingdom has invited all fair maidens to a very special ball. She begs her evil step mother to allow her to attend. The evil step mother agrees, only if Cinderella can finish her chores on time. Luckily with the help of her little mice friends Cinderella is ready to go to the ball, she walks down the stairs to join her step sisters and they laugh. The sisters tear Cinderella's dress and leave her in the foyer. Just when Cinderella starts losing all hope... a magical fairy god mother appears!

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Princess Beauty

From a small town, this princess lived with her father the inventor where she loves to read books all day. Until, her father didn’t come home one day after riding into the province. She did their horse to search for him, until she found him captured by a beast! She offered to save her papa in exchange for her own freedom. In the castle she began to learn how the beast was not mean at all, how he was kind. She noticed as time went on, that there was something there that wasn’t there before!

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After being locked in a tower for 18 years.. and a handsome thief shows up uninvited, Rapunzel decides it is time to disobey her mother and leave her tower to see the magical lanterns that float up in the sky every year on her birthday. Rapunzel and the thief have a very exciting, even dangerous journey but nothing is a match for her magical hair! When the pair arrive at the kingdom they find out the lanterns were calling for Rapunzel all along and something that will change her life forever!

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Ice Sisters

These sisters are unlike any you’ve met before. They love chocolate just like you & me! However, in addition to being royalty one sister has magical ice powers. When the kingdom finds out about their queens powers they get scared! Feeling alone the queen runs far away up the north mountain to be alone...

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 Luckily, the princess is close by and quickly goes after the Queen! On her journey the princess meets many magical characters including talking Snow man, rock trolls and even a funny man who loves his reindeer!

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Arabian Nights Princess

Do you love magic Carpet rides? So does this princess. When confused about her father, the Sultans actions she runs away into the market where she meets a very charming thief. The two fall in love with the help of a magic lamp and genie. They even defend the palace from an evil sorcerer!

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Snow White

When the Evil Queen decides she wants to be the fairest in the land she tries to get rid of Snow White for good. Luckily Snow White runs away fast enough into the Forrest to escape. This is when she comes by a small cottage and then discovers 7 very friendly miners live there! They all become friends and enjoy helping each other, even when Snow White bites into a poison apple and falls into a deep deep sleep!

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Island Princess

This princess loves her family and her island more than anything. When she discovers her island is dying she travels through the dangerous seas to give back the stone of Tafiti to the goddess of life. On her journey she meets many new friends and even some very shiny enemies! 


The Little Mermaid

This little mermaid loves her life down in the deep blue sea, however she always finds herself wanting more. Fascinated with treasure, she finds herself curiouser and curiouser about humans! One day she finds a human in trouble so she rescues him, and even falls in love! Desperate to see him again this fishy swaps her fins for legs with an evil sea witch! And that's just the beginning of this adventure..

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Warrior Princess

This warrior is a girl, the only child of in her family. When enemies invade China, one man from every family is called to fight in the war. This warriors father, who is too old  and wounded decides he will fight for his country and the honour of his family. The warrior princess knew her father wasn't strong enough to fight. So late in the night, after saying a prayer to the Ancestors.. made a big decision, that would change her & her family life forever! 

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Sleeping Beauty



The Frog Princess



Tinker Fairy






Princess of Avalor



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